Home. The very thought of the word conjures a flood of warmth and familiarity, recalling the love that permeated the walls of our grandmother’s house and our grandmother’s hands.  As  children, we would watch her prepare family meals made from scratch, always with patience and always with love.
We were lucky enough to grow up surrounded by heavy Polish and Hungarian influences.  Both of our grandmothers prepared similar foods but they did so with very different and distinctive styles.  One thing remained a constant, however: where there was homemade food, there was love.
Food is the one common denominator that brings all of us together, brings us around a table to sustain us, but brings us together in a way that is unexplainable. "To cook for someone is to love them." -- there is just something about cooking for others that brings us joy. There's a reason we celebrate holidays, achievements, and good days with great food. Food is love, and love is food.
It is a deep passion that we’ve carried for decades, a tenderness carefully passed down through generations in our family.  Named after our Polish grandmother, Kazmerksi Polish Kitchen brings Polish American favorites to festivals, markets, fleas, and fairs across Ohio and beyond. Pierogi, haluski, kielbasa, and stuffed cabbage... all the favorites you know and love, served up fresh and bold.  Kazmerski Polish Kitchen blends the rich, traditional flavors of Poland with a sprinkle of Hungarian influence for good measure and a true taste of home.
From our hearts to your table, proszę ciesz się!